What your podcast needs is audio engineering: editing, mixing and mastering. We will do all of this on your podcast so you can focus more on the content of your show!

Managing the audio content of your podcast is a real challenge. We at Aw.D.O. Cast headquarters will take care of your audio engineering to make sure you sound great! Choose the length and number of the shows per month and we will edit, mix, master and transcribe them. You can choose if you want us to also provide SEO optimized show notes.


social media management

Let us take the burden off your plate. Social media management is one of many duties to your job that can be time consuming. Our social media management service for podcasts consists of using an organized system to post social media content that works with sharing space to your site.

Our team will share your podcast content on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This allows us to share your content and grow your following. 

marketing strategies

Our marketing team at Aw.D.O. Cast will develop a micro and macro marketing strategy for you in order to grow your podcast in the best way possible. You can choose to receive updates on our progress every month or every semester. You will receive tips on how to make your podcast popular in the Podcast Apps and how to get more customer base or just get more attention to you.

We will work with you to create a marketing strategy that might correspond the to your target audience and your goal. Just let us know what you are looking to get out of your podcast, where do you want it to be in the nearest future, and our experts will do the rest for you.


music creation

We offer custom music creation for Podcasts. If you are looking to create an engaging podcast that jumps out to your listeners, then you can’t go wrong with our intro and outro music service. Using the latest in audio editing technology, we will create professional sounding background music that fits your podcast like a glove.

Stunning, engaging, and soothing music can help boost your podcast’s quality and create a connection with your listeners. You are looking to stand out in this saturated world.


The right artwork is the first thing listeners see when they pull your podcast up on their device. It’s where they start to form their opinion of your show. Our designers create artwork that represents your show perfectly. They would be happy to help bring your podcast to life with clean, polished design art. They understand all the ins and outs, and what matters most to podcasters, so they create designs that are absolutely perfect for you.



If you need high quality voice overs that will advance your podcast, we’ve got you covered. We will create quality voice over audio that fits every story and every podcast. We have the best voice-over specialists that can do everything from a podcast intro to an ad break, as well as outro. All of our audio services are done by some of the best talent in the business, and we can fit your budget.

podcast launch strategy

Having a podcast launch strategy is crucial. In order to create a successful podcast that inspires, entertains or shares inspiring stories, you need a plan that go the extra mile.

From preparing your podcast’s success, to promoting it, we will show you how to create multiple platforms for your podcast to succeed. These platforms will help you market your podcast in various ways so that your audience can learn more about you…and decide to listen!